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About Total Integrative Health

Perhaps you’ve suffered from chronic disease for years, have been to many practitioners, and haven’t found answers. Maybe you’ve started to feel like you’re not being heard. At Total Integrative Health, every patient will feel heard, validated and cared for. Our doctors view patients as important individuals worthy of the highest level of care.

Eun Kim, MD, who started practicing in 2008, and Tamara Blossic, DC, who began practicing in 1990, take a collaborative approach to getting excellent results for patients. They each possess considerable experience and expertise to benefit our patients.

Experience Nurturing Care

Dr. Kim and Dr. Blossic are compassionate and nurturing. They take the time to listen to patients. Always open-minded, they want to partner with patients to get the best possible results for them.

Our Mission Statement

Partnering with individuals to provide tools to empower them to reach their health goals and optimize their quality of life.

Our Goals & Objectives

To provide quality integrative care for chronic health issues and preventative care.

Patient Success Stories

Every day, we are honored to provide individualized care to our patients. We find it rewarding to witness the great results many of them get. Here are some success stories:

One patient has a family history of heart disease and Alzheimer’s, and her goal was to maintain health. She is taking steps to help prevent her from progressing to Alzheimer and heart disease. She feels greatly supported through this process.

Another patient is a woman who had PCOS and was having a difficult time getting pregnant. She was able to use the functional medicine pathways to conceive naturally.

One patient had suffered from IBS for 20 years. After getting care at our practice, his IBS symptoms resolved in about a year.

Could you be one of our next success stories?

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