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Health Resolutions 2024

Happy New Year!

Gut health drawingWe often think of plans to improve our health at the start of the year. We think of eating healthier, getting more exercise, improve sleep habits, and reduce stress. Another way to improve our health is to detox our systems, especially after an indulgent holiday season.

Too many toxins in our system can cause inflammation, decreased immune response, and hormone imbalance. This is when we get sluggish, fatigued, unexplained symptoms, and poor digestion. Functional medicine can help determine which toxins may be present and assist in a detoxification process you can do at home.

How does our body detoxify and how can we support the process? Several organs help us collect, transport and eliminate the toxins in our bodies. The liver, digestive organs, kidneys and skin all are used to clean up our systems. The liver detects toxins and delivers to digestive organs for elimination along with food products. The kidneys are large filtration organs, and the skin eliminates via sweating.

Our bodies are constantly processing toxins but sometimes the system gets overloaded and needs time and assistance to catch up.  So here is how we can support our bodies:

  1. Choose clean foods “Clean 15″ (Read labels, organic foods, low sugar, less processed foods)
  2. Purify your indoor air and drinking water. Filtration devices are recommended.
  3. Exercise to sweat! Movement reduces all inflammation processes.
  4. Utilize “clean” cleaning products. is a great resource for ideas for products.
  5. Use cellular support systems like sauna, PEMF, footbaths, and acupuncture (at TIH!)
  6. Cleanse gut organs and normalize function, if necessary. Detox nutraceuticals plans available.

All of these allow for mobilization and excretion of toxins out of the system. Next, replenish with good nutrients and immune boosting foods. This allows our bodies to have higher functioning organs and improves inflammation pathways. Our health and ability to function at a higher level of health and wellbeing is improved.

If you would like to learn more about detox programs or natural ways to better health, contact us at Total Integrative Health.

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