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Let's Talk Bone Health!

crossfit classBone does not just provide structure. It is a functioning organ. Bone is consistently being built and broken down. Every 10 years, our entire skeletal system is replaced. Osteoclasts remove mineralized bone and osteoblast form the bone matrix. When the balance of osteoclast and osteoblast is disturbed, bone loss can occur. What can we do help improve our bone health?

Weight bearing exercise can trigger osteoblasts and osteoclasts to work on improving bone to bear the force and increase density.

What we eat makes a big difference.

Nutrients that can help with bone health include calcium, vitamin D, vitamin K, vitamin C and magnesium. Strontium, boron, zinc and copper are trace elements that are also helpful to help improve our bone density. We recommend a diet rich in vegetables, fruit, nuts and seeds. This type of diet also improves our gut microbiome. Processed foods, as well as carbonated drinks, decrease our ability to absorb nutrients. Our food choices are very important in keeping our bones healthy.

The gut microbiome plays an important role in maintaining bone health as well. A healthy gut increases our ability to digest and absorb the nutrients in food. The gut bacteria help to make vitamin K which helps drive calcium into the bones, as well as absorb vitamin D. We must feed our gut microbiome with fiber, vegetables and fruit. The microbiome loves bright colored fruits and vegetables.

Hormones are important to bone health.

Estrogen promotes the activity of osteoblasts. When the estrogen level drops, it puts the body at risk for osteoporosis. The parathyroid hormone is important in regulating whether calcium will be in the blood or in the bone. Phosphorus and vitamin D are affected by the parathyroid hormone. Stress affects our hormones and this can also cause loss of bone formation.

Keeping our bones strong is important to overall health. Healthy eating, weight bearing exercise and managing our stress will help keep our bone strong for years to come.

At Total Integrative Health, our goal is to help patients prevent bone loss as well as treat bone loss.


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