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Symptoms Due to Hormones?

woman inspecting supplement bottleThere are a myriad of hormonal symptoms; cramping, irritability, fatigue, low libido, muscle aches and more. Traditionally, when symptoms are identified, treatment is in the form of more hormones. Options to help balance hormones has been limited to synthetic hormonal birth control pills. These hormone therapies are not without their flaws. They can lead to increased breast cancer risk, blood clot risk and other symptoms.

With use of functional medicine, options do not involve synthetic hormones and might help avoid some of the traditional hormone treatment issues. There are a number of ways to help hormonal balance at any age.

1. Sleep – Sleep is important to hormonal balance. Hormones are on a circadian rhythm and 7-9 hours of consistent good quality sleep will help balance them.

2. Stress management – Stress releases cortisol that disrupts the gastrointestinal balance, dysregulates sugar and affects sexual hormone balance. Deep breathing, relaxation, meditation, setting boundaries and movement can help manage stress.

3. Exercise – Aerobic and strength training can help to balance hormone levels. The body is made to move. Inactivity can affect our body’s ability to secrete hormone.

4. Nutrition – Key nutrients are needed to help hormonal synthesis. We recommend food first and, then add supplements. Healthy fats such as avocado, seeds and nuts as well as foods with vitamin Bs, magnesium, selenium, vitamin C and zinc.

5. Nature Exposure – Nature and getting sunshine will improve mental health as well as increase vitamin D.

6. Supplements and Botanicals – We recommend working with a functional medicine doctor to determine the supplements and botanicals that can help balance the hormones. Specialized tests are used to help look beyond the conventional blood tests to deep dive into the hormonal pathway.

7. Hormonal Supplementations – If a hormonal supplemental is needed, we recommend bioidentical hormones; a natural form of hormone. A functional medicine doctor helps you to individualize hormonal replacement if needed. Risks and benefits of any treatment option will also be discussed.

An individualize health plan with a functional medicine provider will optimize hormonal balance. Lifestyle and natural supplements can lead to improvement in symptoms.

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