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Osteopathy and TIH

woman sitting on table arm adjustTotal Integrative Health (TIH) joins Osteopathy with Functional Medicine to treat the whole patient. Dr. Eric Lake, D.O., provides Osteopathic medicine and manipulation to the services available at TIH. Paying special attention to the musculoskeletal, neurological and lymphatic systems, he diagnoses and treats patients. Osteopaths believe that by correcting problems in the body’s structure, using manual techniques known as osteopathic manipulative medicine (OMM), the body’s ability to function and to heal itself can be greatly improved. Other therapies used by Dr Lake include Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) and Prolotherapy.

Dr. Lake is a certified healthcare provider in alternative therapies. PRP is successfully used to treat wound healing in trauma and joint injuries. This modality promotes tissue healing, reduces inflammation and is less invasive than surgery. Another complementary treatment for muscle and joint pain is Prolotherapy. This alternative treatment facilitates the body’s natural healing abilities. Osteopaths take a holistic approach and promote the idea of preventative medicine. Dr. Lake endorses the philosophy that physicians should focus on treating the whole patient, rather than just the disease.

TIH is a practice that focuses on each patient’s individual needs. The practice includes two other doctors who practice Functional Medicine in the same location. All of the doctors are trained in diagnosing and treating illnesses. They concentrate on the inter-connectivity of all body systems and how each one affects the others. Attention is given to Mind, Body and Spirit.

A visit to TIH will stress individual needs. The general health of the patient is considered with the integration of traditional and alternative medical practices. A general overall interview will lead to testing, medication, use of supplements, stress management, diet and eating plans, acupuncture, movement and exercise. Pain relief will be addressed with manipulation and/or other osteopathic treatments. The intent of the doctors is to determine the root cause of each person’s pain or trauma. Each patient is a partner with the physicians as they search for root causes to lead to increased health.

TIH provides Functional Medicine and Osteopathy with an MD, DO, and DC in the same practice treating the whole person as the doctors’ work together with the patients.


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